9 Sites To Download Free E-Book And Legal

On this site very many books offered to us have. The Genre is also very varied, starting from the book of books – textbooks, fiction, education, computer, health, politics, very much at all its kind and very complete. You can download the book from this site by becoming a member, the condition is also quite an easy can login using Facebook also. All the books here, free and legal.


1. www.freebookspot.es

FreeBookSpot, from the name alone we already know that this site offers free books. In this site also there are 96 categories of books that we can get. The ease with which we get is we do not need to register to get the book from this site, directly we can download at any time.Then the search process is quick because we can search by title, author, ISBN number, and also the language.

2. www.gutenberg.org

On the site gutenberg.org, there are about 30,000 free books we can have. This site is commonly called by the name of Project Gutenberg as a pioneer of the printing press of Germany, namely Gutenberg. this Site is not just for ordinary readers, but also among researchers and academics. What that means is that the e-book site is a site that is very reliable.

3. www.getfreeebooks.com

this Website is an e-book site free. The E-book can be found in this site which is a collection from all over the world. The category of e-books in this site is very diverse such as Fiction, Science, Fantasy, Short Stories, and Horror Stories. This site will also offer us the books with the top compilation.

4. www.ebookdirectory.com

In this site, there are about 20,000 free e-books. It starts with the book business, children, computers and internet, literature, marketing, publishing, reference, and tutorials.

5. www.ebooklobby.com

Categories offered on this site are also very much, at the start of Art and Photography (40 books), the Biography and Memory(76 books), Business and Investment (37 books), Children’s Books (19 books), Computers and the Internet(148 books), Cooking Books and Food(18 books), Books Entertainment (19 books), the Health of the Body and the Soul(35 books), Home and Garden (5 book), Law (37 books), Literature and Fiction (15 books), Sports(6 books) and Travel (17 books.

6. com.onlinecomputerbooks.qirina.com

Qirina contains very many books in the form of .pdf. We can search for book titles alphabetically. But the look of the site is less interesting and flat.

7. manybooks.net

Manybooks is a site to download a free e-book belongs to Bruce Hartman. There are around 33.000 books which are provided. Then we can perform the search according to type, title, author, language, and recommended books and books that are popular in the download.

8. bookboon.com

Bookboon is a site e-book which is popular with the business category and the marketing. So for you who interest in business and marketing always access this site yes. Nevertheless, the site also provides the book with the other categories.

9. openlibrary.org

Astounding with site 1, because there are millions of books available on this site, so it is worth to be used as a library online. This site is an open project so that all users of this site can contribute to the collection of books that are available. Books here can be downloaded for free. Buddy student, that’s 10 Sites to download the free e-book. With the number of e-book sites¬† this is certainly no complaint again for us to get the reference in the task to the subject, for example, and of course every day we will be full of readings that are useful and be a nerd.

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