6 Tips For A Comfortable Long-Haul Flights

the year-end Holiday is near. It could be the there are already are preparing to undergo a long flight for a holiday abroad. The following tips convenient long-haul flights on the plane. the Streets overseas, so one of the options for wish to holiday end of the year, especially if you want to enjoy the attractions nuances of snow. But for that traveler must also be prepared to undergo a long flight with a long time, or so-called long haul.

So the year-end vacation remains at the maximum, AFP summarizes some of the tips of the long flight a traveler can do at the time of or before the flight in order to remain comfortable.

Select seats

1. Select seats

Planning to fly to a European country or the United States indeed takes time. In addition to the equipment of the visa, the selection of the seat of the plane also so things that are considered important.

If you run out of seat business or first class, economy seats can be circumvented. How to select seats near the emergency exit. Because these seats provide more legroom so that it can make long haul flights more comfortable.

a Traveler who likes to the toilet you should select the aisle seat. So when you want to pee, you do not disturb other passengers who are sleeping.

2. Do not reckless

During the flight, the activities you do are very limited. Try to do a long flight with comfortable clothes, such as trousers (not jeans), a jumper and socks. Although some of the aircraft gives the facility of blankets and pillows, bring a neck pillow for yourself. Equipment such as earplugs also, you can prepare if you plan to sleep on the plane.

3. Don’t sleep long

these tips Maybe quite often you hear. Sleep throughout the journey, especially in a long flight, it actually only will make the circulation in the body is hampered. For that try to walk along the hallway after going to bed 2-3 hours. Do this during the trip so that your feet don’t cramp ya!

4. Drink water

Wine and alcohol into one dish on a long flight. Avoid this drink, because when you are in altitude the amount of oxygen in the blood will be reduced. This will make you drunker fast. Know alone the incidence of eccentric passengers while drunk? This incident can be very disturbing to the other passengers. From on alcohol, the drinking water is very suggested when the long haul. Try to bring your own bottle of drinking water yes.

5. Bring books and gadgets

Sleeping during the flight is actually not recommended. You can perform other activities such as reading a book or playing a game. in order not to get bored, it helps you download movies, games or your favorite music.

6. Fool the body

Tips this one can be done to you hard to sleep during long-haul flights. Try to fool the body, as if it is your bedtime. Do the usual ritual done when going to sleep. Just like brushing your teeth, wash your face, and gargle. Then avoid heavy meals and coffee. Two it is difficult for the body to digest and can create stress. Try to drink tea or stretching.

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