7 Tips To Get The Maximum Benefit From The Books You Read

If you feel I can change anything after reading the book, maybe it’s not the contents of the book is less good, but there is a way you don’t right while reading the book. From the start, the mood of a less supportive or even how to read a gratuitous wrong can really cause you don’t get anything from the book. Well, just so you can get the maximum benefit from the book would you read, better to follow the tips.

1. The first requirement, you must have the desire and commitment to learn


This is the most essential and far more important than all the rules that exist. Determination is strong to find out new knowledge from the book mandatory embedded in your mind. If the terms of the principal’s there, without reading a thousand and one ways of learning you will gain a good understanding of the book.

2. During the reading, good you often pause to reflect on what you have read

How to read as this will more help you absorb the information than reading books haphazard like being chased by a rabid dog. Bener gak?

3. Hold the colored markers or highlighters while they read to mark important words that are interesting

this Way will make you more easily and quickly absorb important information when you want to repeat the contents of the book.

4. Although already out to read, you should set aside time to repeat it

5. Practice the science or principles that you read until it becomes a new habit

there is no other way to master science, in addition, to practice it directly in life. Really, learning it is an active process that demands you to carry out the rules from the book every time there is an opportunity. From there you will become an expert.

6. Give money “punishment” on the partner or the closest person when you violate one of the principles of the recommended books If necessary, you can ask people nearby to keep an eye on you. Well, when you get out of the rules agreed upon in accordance with the recommendation of the book, you can give money e.g. ten thousand on the people who scold you.

7. Note all the success you’ve achieved over the implementation of the principles in the book

Make a diary whose content is the victory when you practice the rules in the book gradually. You can note in detail with name, date, and result. Notes-notes that will make you stay motivated to strive harder to accomplish all the targets that are recommended in the book. That’s the 7 stages that you can apply to get the maximum benefit from the books you read. Don’t you already spend the money to buy books, but can never change and progress is nothing.

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