9 Benefits Of Mango Fruit Is Good For Health

the Fruit of the mango turns out to have benefits for health. Tastes sweet with the vitamin content of many. This he benefits of mango that you should know. Being the mango season, you can enjoy the sweet fruits of this easily. Mango fruit high in vitamin C, potassium and also magnesium. Not only delicious eaten directly in fresh condition but also serve delicious fruit juice to the pudding.

here are some benefits of mango fruit is very good consumed for the body:

Helps Digestion

1. Helps Digestion

the Benefits of mango fruit for health one of which is to facilitate healthy digestion. In the book ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing, mangoes contain enzymes that aid the breakdown and digestion of proteins and also fiber which keeps the digestive tract working optimally.

The fiber contained in mango fruit can help lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Young mango has more fiber pectin compared to the mango fruit is ripe the tree. So this could be the benefits of mango fruit young for the body.

2. Make the Bowel More Healthy

Mango contains prebiotic fiber that can provide food for the good bacteria in the gut. An unhealthy colon can be damaging health conditions. If the gut is problematic, of absorption of food can not be running optimally.

3. Boost Immunity

mango Fruit contains two-thirds of the vitamin C and also antioxidants. A powerful antioxidant and able to improve the immune system. Surely this is so one of the benefits of mango fruit for health.

4. Increase in Eye Health

the Benefits of mango fruit can improve eye health. Not only contains vitamin C, mango fruit also contains vitamin A and antioxidants that can prevent age-related macular degeneration or the loss of eyesight.

5. Lower Cholesterol

Mango can help regulate cholesterol levels. High levels of pectin can help lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL or bad) cholesterol that causes plaque in blood vessels that can impede the flow of blood.

6. Nourish the Skin

one of the benefits of the mango fruit is can help nourish the skin. Mango which contains vitamin C is very important for the repair of healthy skin. Quoted in NDTV, nutritionists Macrobiotic and Health Practitioners Shilpa Arora ND said, “Mango is loaded with nutrients that can heal the skin, for example, the fiber in mangoes can clean the intestines which is overloaded with toxic substances.”

7. Prevent Gastric Acid

one of the benefits of young mango namely its role in reducing acidity (acidity). Young mango is a part of the natural treatment for problems related to acidity. When you experience it, you could try to chew a piece of this mango.

8. High in Iron

in addition, to nourish the eyes, the benefits of mango fruit for pregnant women could also prevent anemia. Although the amount is not as much as chicken liver or beef, the mango fruit can be consumed to prevent anemia.

9. Prevent Cancer

In principle, if our diet is healthy, naturally the disease will be much of our body, including cancer. Mangoes contain antioxidants such as astragalin, acid Galic, quercetin, methyl gallate, and isoquercitrin can help inhibit the growth of all types of cancer in the body.

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