Definition And History Of Printing

In fact, associated with the definition and history of printing, then printing is an industry that is destined to produce writing or images by utilizing the ink through the printing machine with a number of very much. Printing produces many products by utilizing a printing machine such as books, newspapers, magazines to the label for promotion.In the process, many techniques are applied on the inside where it is composed of screen printing, relief print up to printing utilizing a digital system such as a laser, tape the needle or inkjet as well as the location of the rotogravure technique which is a technique of printing used to print materials made from Plastic, PVC, aluminum or paper.

Regardless of the definition and history of printing, now there is also a printing to implement a printing technique poly. This technique will be given a touch of gold or silver on its surface so it will be seen more attractive. On the other hand, there is also the use of embossing techniques that will produce a mold embossed on its surface. Some of the techniques that have been widely circulated in the market and in demand by the wider community.

History of Printing

History of Printing

Still associated with subject understanding and the history of printing, now it’s time You know the history. In this case, the history of printing starts with the writing on the wall of the cave are at least 30,000 years. The history of that stems from the nation of Egypt is then noted that the people then make a carving known as the Hieroglyphics on a stone surface.

Next still relation to understanding and the history of printing mentioned that the history of the printing machine starting from the Chinese who invented paper in the first century as well as the discovery of Movable Type, which is derived from clay. Then in the 13th century a man who came from Korea trying to create a movable type that comes from bronze.

it Turns out that is still relation to understanding and the history of printing in Europe was also a witness to its emergence. In this case, before the printing press many people a lot of people who copybooks with writing. In ancient times such people known as scribes. Unfortunately the method thus is very limited and cause of the work produced is only limited in certain circles.

Associated with the definition and history of printing, it is said that for a printing technique that first originated from the city of Mainz, Germany in the year 1440. At that time history records that the results of printing the first form of coinage, which at that time is the result of the work of the figure of Johannes Gutenberg. If compared with the printing machine in china, can be said that to the printing machine by Johannes Gutenberg, this impressed very easy and simple in users. It is caused by the presence of many symbols of china which is very difficult to be understood by other nations.

Still related to the understanding and the history of printing, that history also noted that the printing machine invented by Johannes Gutenberg is then developed up to this present age. it is not surprising if Johannes himself was later crowned as the inventor of the printing machine. In its development, of course, the printing machine invented by Johannes is still going through the stages of refinement until finally the machine can be used with either.

Associated with the definition and history of printing it is said that the printing machines we use today turns out to have a very long journey with many changes in his time. Refers to the many different benefits that can be obtained with the presence of the printing machine. Some of them is the ability of the printing machine that can be used to perform the activities of printing in bulk. In this way, then human activity will also be getting easy to do the printing.

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