Definition Of Education According To Experts In The Book

Education is very important in human life. How chaos lives in the absence of education on any human being. So no wonder if millions of people willing to emigrate to neighboring countries, to issue a cost and energy not a little, for the sake of obtaining the desired education. The following is the definition of education according to experts in the book :

1. Definition of Education According to Experts In the Book Works of John Stuart Mill

one of the philosophers who came from England, namely John Stuart Mill defines that, education includes a variety of things done, either by a person for himself or herself or that other people do for him. And has the purpose to bring himself at the level of perfection.

2. Understanding Education In a Book by M. J. Langeveld

M. J Langevend

According to the explanation of M. J Langevend, understanding of education is an effort made by adult humans to guide humans, which is said to not mature into manhood. He also mentioned that education is the effort to help children in carrying out various tasks in life in order to be independent, responsible and puberty morally. Then explained again that education is the business in the achievement of self-determination, decency as well as responsibility.

3. Definition of Education According to Experts In the Book Works of John Dewey

John Dewey mentioned about the understanding of education is a process in the renewal of the meaning of the experience. It may happen on the promiscuity of the ordinary and on the promiscuity of the adults with the younger. And it could also occur intentionally, as well as institutionalized by the presence of social sustainability. Development and supervision of every person who is fairly immature and groups in their places of life need to be involved. John Dewey explained education itself does not have an end goal in itself.

4. Understanding Education In a Book by H. H Horne

H. H Horne defines education broadly is, devices with a social group to continue its existence in the renewal of ourselves as well as to maintain ideal-the ideal in it.

5. Definition of Education According to Experts In the Book the Works of Edgar Dalle

According to the explanation, education is a business consciously made a family, the society and the government through the activities of teaching, guidance, and exercises, and take place either in the school or outside the school of a lifetime to prepare its learners. With the aim to be able to play a role in a variety of environments on a regular basis in the future.

6. Understanding Education In a Book by Theodore Brameld

According to the definition of Theodore Brameld, the term education has a function that extends from the repair as well as maintenance against the life, of a society. And that is the main is to introduce the public about the shared responsibility in society itself. So education is a process more extensive than the process that just took place in the school course. Then added again that education is a social activity that is potentially so society can evolve and remain there. In an environment of complex societies, functions of education there is a specialization as well as institutionalized, i.e., through formal education which is always associated with informal education outside the school.

7. Definition of Education According to Experts In The Book by Prof. Richey

In the book of Prof. Richey entitled Planning for teaching an Introduction to Education. Prof Richey mentioned that education is that respect will function in the area of repair, as well as the maintenance of life of a society and capable of bringing generations of people who are new to harvest a responsibility also obligations in the community. Hopefully helpful.

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