enjoy your husband with these 5 best sex positions

Bored with the sex positions that are so-so only? Or don’t dare to take a risk by trying to position acrobatic or strange? It’s time you and your husband ‘heat’ back in the bed of love with an intimate relationship that is satisfying.the sexual Life satisfying will enhance the ability to survive and also the wedding couples. Compiled from Health.com, the following 5 positions that you can try to satisfy husband in bed this evening:

Forward-facing cowgirl

1. Forward-facing cowgirl

The position of this classic has many benefits, one of which is deep penetration. It starts with the man lying down and sits on it. In this way, Mr. P can ‘infiltrate’ go deeper into Miss V.

“So go deeper, you can open the legs wider or pulling your body with chest presses with the husband’s hands,” the author of the book From Madness to Mindfulness: Reinventing the Sex for Women. The more he cried again from this position is that we can control the speed, so if you don’t too focus to the penetration, you can add a little ‘spice’ to kiss each other while your partner can squeeze the breast or you can play with the testicles of Mr. P. All the control is yours.

2. Bendy missionary

With each other, then the needed flexibility enough. Start with the position of the missionary in general, and then lift both your legs up and hold it or put it on both shoulders of the husband. According to Mackenzie Riel, sex expert, says that this position can help the couple to penetrate deeper and even reach the G-Spot to help you orgasm faster. If not comfortable with lifting the leg, you can put a pillow under your hips so that the raising of the vagina and gives the same angle as you lift the leg. Meanwhile, your hands are free can help squeeze the buttocks of your partner to help him continue pushing deeper.

3. Heeling dog

Although for most people doggy style is the position of penetration in a classic, but there are other variations that can help the penetration of Mr. P is getting in and easy, especially for those who have a small size.get on your knees (or in the plank position) and open the legs wide to expand the vagina in order to facilitate the penis go deeper. If you want to be more active, you could go for the push and wiggle your hips so much more fun.

4. Countertop me

The position of this one requires intention and challenges, as well as a large table that could hold your body, ladies. Sit down at the table with the feet hanging at the ends, and then ask the husbands to stand in front of you. With this position, the pair could hold your hips to enter Mr. P. If the table is wide enough, you can steer your body to the back and open the legs wider in order to facilitate access pair.

5. Naughty dancer

Quite a challenging position this one, because it is easier to do if you and your husband are equally regular exercise, especially lifting weights. Start by standing face to face, then ask the husband to carry you or lift one of your legs if not strong enough. this position can give you the satisfaction of intense because although the movie is small the position between the skin close can cause strong stimulation.

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