Know The Function And The Size Of The Bookcase

Books, newspapers, and magazines often scattered on the house. of course, it can interfere with the appearance of the interior of the house. for fans of the book, a collection of books that compete must be accompanied by a have a shelf of books offered. Bookshelves should also be well laid out so that the books collection neatly stored and well maintained. it would be unfortunate if the book is damaged or lost, especially if the book is hard to get or the price is expensive.

A. get to Know the Function of Shelves for Books

A. get to Know the Function of Shelves for Books

the bookshelf is one of storage in the home, in addition to the wardrobe and kitchen cabinet. In addition, should be harmonious with the appearance of the interior, the design of the bookcase should also be well planned and adequate. some of the advantages of a bookshelf design that is well planned are as follows.

1. The collection of books is neat

People who love to read have certainly had many a pile of books at home. What if books were scattered everywhere after the read? The book may be difficult to find back, even it can be broken. that’s the importance of the existence of the bookshelf in the home, i.e. making a collection of books neatly arranged in a storage facility so that it does not fall apart.

2. A collection of books more organized and easily searchable

if the system storage of books well-organized course facilitates the need for the book at another time. a way of organizing the book’s most simple is to classify the books based on the theme, such as books of philosophy, finance, motivation, short stories, novels, and so on. the books are arranged in such a way in the rack. in addition, based on the theme, books can be arranged based on the height of the book to make it look neat.

3. The collection of books is more durable

a Collection of favorite books need special care to preserve its neatness and durability. surely annoyed if you find one of the books collection crumpled or torn. this never should have happened if the book is treated by providing the best possible storage facilities that better suit your needs. For the collection of old books, should be stored in storage closed to avoid dust and dirt. Such Storage should have good air circulation so that the book avoid mildew.

B. Know the Size of the bookshelf

Before the vote, buy or make a bookshelf, need to know first the ideal size of the bookcase and the height of the books to be stored. There are several possible types of books that can be stored in a bookshelf. Consider the size of each type-the type of book so that it can be known how big and how many shelves are required.

the Book has a wide variety of sizes and is usually adjusted to the size of the paper used. Try not to rack that have been created or purchased not high enough to save the book. To be more effective, you should use shelves that can be adjusted in height so as to facilitate arranging books on the shelf. Consider also the thickness of the book. Hardback book thick (hardcover) will be more seized the place in the rack compared to the paperback (softcover/ paperback). By taking into account the thickness of the books, shelves made or purchased can accommodate all the books there. other Objects that fill the shelves also need to be considered. In addition to books, the shelves are usually filled with items such as Compact Disc (CD), stationery, ornaments, photo frames, and other accessories. Adjust the dimensions of the shelves with such objects.

in addition to the books that will be kept, other things that need to be considered in the design of the bookcase is the side of the ergonomic seamless one-piece (See Picture). Please note the ideal height of the bookcase so easy to reach the contents of the shelves. the books are often read should be placed in a height that is easily accessible. The design found on a bookshelf can make it more functional. The rack can be utilized optimally according to its function. In addition, the proportion of the shape of the design is also more fitting with the size of the book and the overall interior space.

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