The Benefits Of Reading Books For Health

Not just add to knowledge and uncover the information which is spread all over the world, read the book also turned out to provide benefits for the health.another positive Impact of reading is also found in researchers the health of the world. The researchers suggested that the habit of reading books is good for the health of the body. With reading, for example, reading a book of mystery stories can spur the brain to think and concentrate. When these activities are routinely conducted eat will make the brain is growing, which can also impact positively on other body organs.

After investigating the benefits that can be obtained from the activity of reading, can so You will no longer be reluctant to set aside time at least 30 minutes each day to read. There is no harm if the habit of reading books slowly began to be implanted into a part of the lifestyle. What are the positive benefits that can be given books for Your health, check here?

Relieve stress

Relieve stress

one of the factors of the onset of dangerous diseases is the increased heart rate and muscle tension due to stress while undergoing a routine. By reading books, especially fiction books or novels at bedtime can soothe and reduce stress.

Prevent the arrival of Alzheimer’s disease

the Brain that often used to think, for example, just like when reading a book or magazine, and solve the puzzles tend to be far from Alzheimer’s disease –memory loss– at an early age. According to research in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2001, reading a book the same as with any physical activity, which is beneficial for keeping blood pressure the heart, strengthens muscles and bones, as well as the rarely stricken with the disease.

Establish healthy sleep patterns

For people who have difficulty to sleep well at night, the habit of reading books can be a choice of activities lullaby. While reading, the brain will be the alarm for the body and sends a signal of time to sleep. This way will help You get quality sleep and wake up fresh in the morning. As we know that quality sleep is very necessary for the body to regenerate cells.

Relieves depression

a study published in the journal PLOS ONE describes that reading books while itself is good therapy for the human body. Therapy questions, i.e. a therapy that can prevent the coming depression. By reading the book, the level of depression is severe, can be minimized and as well as can evoke the motivation of people to make a change.

Improve concentration

Their hobby is reading books, usually have a brain that is better in focus and concentration. This is due to while reading the book, the brain is trained to pay attention to the events in the pages of the book. When the ability to focus continue to be trained, then when faced with a problem in real life, their hobby is reading books tend to be more meticulous and organized in completing their affairs.

the ability to concentrate well is needed by every person while undergoing daily activities, especially children who are still in school so that they can understand the lesson presented by the teacher in the classroom. The ability to focus and concentration in children can be trained from an early age, one way to familiarize children with the world of books.

As a preliminary step to make Indonesian children are accustomed to coming into contact with the book, You can start from small things, which donates books to children who have limited access to books. Currently, many donation programs that can accommodate Your intention to help distribute the book, but make sure the movement of the donation You select the clear program so Your donation right on target, such as movement.

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