The Benefits Of Reading Is Not Only To Increase The Knowledge

have You ever thought that reading is an activity that is saturating? Some people may feel reluctant to take the time to read. Whereas, when reading, we use a lot of parts of the brain. And one of the benefits of reading is as a form of training to maintain the health of your brain. If accustomed since childhood, reading can be one hobby that is fun and rewarding. Because through reading, You can obtain any information not previously know. Not only to add insight, various research also shows that reading can train the function of the brain, clear the mind, and strengthens memory.

the Benefits of Reading to your Little one

the Benefits of Reading to your Little one

Fond of reading should be instilled early. Not only for adults, but even babies still in the womb can also benefit from reading. Diverse types of books You can read for him, such as magazines, novels, picture books, and fairy tales.

Although The Little guy does not understand what You read, there are diverse benefits of reading he could get. Among them:

– Teach them about communication.

– to Build listening skills, memory, vocabulary, and cultivate his intelligence.

– Give Little information about the world around him.

– Introduce a variety of insights to her, such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes, in a fun way.

To apply this positive activity, does not always have to buy the book. You can take advantage of books borrowed from the library. There are various types of books, ranging for your Little one up for yourself.

the Benefits of Reading for Adults and the Elderly

Different ages, also different benefits of reading can be obtained. If the benefits of reading to children is to support growth, for adults and elderly reading can improve memory.

As we age, a person’s memory could be decreased. Memory decreases, making the elderly can no longer live independently, so they need help from other people.

Reading is like mental gymnastics for the brain. Recent research reveals that reading can affect your thought process and enable the performance of our brain. Through reading, You can position yourself with the position of another person in accordance with the particular character in the book You read. Through reading, You can imagine various conditions or situations, and this is a challenge which is good for brain health.

in Addition to get knowledge, by reading You can learn and know the emotional situation in order to become better. It is useful for children, adolescents, adults, and also the elderly. Thus, the hobby of reading all the time has benefits related to social intelligence You. In addition, reading can also minimize the risk of developing dementia in the elderly.

Research reveals, people who grow up in homes that have a lot of books are more likely to achieve higher education, obtain higher income, and have the cognitive function better in the future.

Tips to Foster a Sense of Want to Read

the Following are tips to cultivate a sense of want to read:

– Select the book You prefer. You will feel saturated and bored if you read the book You prefer. The Little one, choose a book that caught his attention, like a book that has many pictures and colors.

– Read with calm. Enjoy Your time when reading. For those of You who read a book to your Little one, read slowly and do not rush. Let your Little one enjoy and understand what You read.

– Choose a place to read that is quiet and comfortable.

never too late to get the benefits of reading. Start now, take your time to read a book that You like. But keep in mind, pay attention to the light bulbs when reading. Because reading in a bright place, it is better for the health of your eyes.

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