The Benefits Of Writing A Diary For Kids

Write the diary turns out to have a great impact on the Child, Ma. But there are still many parents who consider writing a diary is a job that is a waste of time. Especially when the child has a lot of tasks from school. But surely write a diary not only makes your kids more clever in pouring the contents of his thoughts and feelings. Not only that, Ma. There are a number of benefits that don’t directly participate in shaping his personality.

Cope with the emotional disorders

1. Cope with the emotional disorders

Write the diary not only learn how children compose the fruit of the mind is structured in the form of sentences, Ma. According to the psychologist, write a diary can help a child’s brain overcome emotional upsets and make it happier.this is in line with the opinion of Matthew Lieberman, a psychologist from the University of California at Los Angeles. He stated when children write about their feelings, medical scans showed that their brain activity matched to that seen in a volunteer activity that is consciously trying to control their emotions.”Writing helps the brain regulate emotion unintentionally, such as when writing in the diary,” said Matthew.

2. Be creative

In recent research, there is a little child who writes for pleasure outside of school hours they are, so it is harming their writing. Only five percent of the kids who took time to write outside of school that has the ability of fabricate is high above the average of their age.”the More children write, the better for them to be better than that not a lot of writing,” said Clare Argar, Senior Programme Manager at National Literacy Trust, was quoted as saying in added, anything written outside the children’s school is an activity that is positive because it can make the creative person.

3. Pleasure no limits

Usually in the classroom, the children rarely are given freedom in terms of determining what topics should be written. The subject matter is determined only by the teacher, so the child lives to obey teachers and no freedom to choose it yourself, Ma. Another case when Mama’s boy writing in a diary. The child can write in accordance with what they think and want. Therefore, according to Clare, the majority of children, i.e. 82 percent of girls and 76 percent of boys, say more like write as they wish. Clare also stressed that writing a diary is a great opportunity for the child to find pleasure they can get from write. In other words, the child can get pleasure without having to look it up on the outside of the house, Ma!the

4. Improve handwriting

Children today have spent a lot of time using computers, gadgets, or other technologies, both inside and outside of school, so the art of handwriting is no longer popular, Ma. About the art of writing hand, Clare said, “Although there are many opportunities to make a diary electronically, such as writing on the blog, most people who write diaries by hand-writing will be an exercise that is very beneficial.”

5. Build self-confidence

to Write a diary can become a regular habit for the child, Ma. By doing so, they will not consider the habit of handwriting as something drab or daunting. They don’t have to write every day. But they can do it anytime, once or twice in a week, or only at the end of the week,” said Clare. He also added that writing a diary can help build children’s self-confidence. “When confidence grows, then they will be motivated to do more than ever before,” said Clare.

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