This is the Type and Characteristics of Introverts

preferring his own, rarely out of the house, to ‘sign’ a person has the nature of an introvert. Indeed some psychologists say a person who has this personality tends to evolve through self-reflection and feel tired easily when interacting with others. Personality introverts are also more likely to focus on the thoughts, feelings, and mood that comes from within that’s why some of them like talking to addition, what are the other characteristics of an introvert? Here are some interesting facts about the introvert personality type which is already summarized by detikHealth from various sources.

There are four types of Introverts; Social, a Thinker, a Worrier, a Controller

1. There are four types of Introverts; Social, a Thinker, a Worrier, a Controller

– social Type is the type that is generally understood as the definition of an introvert. The social type prefers to be alone or with small groups than together with a group of people. They prefer to stay home and read a book, play a laptop, or a walk with friends rather than go to a party.

– the Type of thinkers is very happy to analyze and imagine and think about things that are trivial. People with this type of happy dream and suddenly immersed in their own imagination.

– the Type of worrier often feels awkward and embarrassed when it is close to many people. Whatever they do, they always feel anxious and embarrassed when interacting with other people.

– Type controllers always take the decision carefully before they speak or decide something. They like to think of every action that will be done a thousand times longer before deciding to actually do it.

2. Quick response but often feel with confidence

The introvert personality type to be very excited when it comes to things related to talk about the future. But be very careful against the decision that they will take afterward because feel the need to think of the preparations are very mature.

3. Anti-nonsense

Introverts are often considered arrogant they don’t like to talk about things that are not clear. In fact, they just don’t like small talk because it is like creating a distance between each other. Introverts prefer to talk about things more in-depth and serious.

4. Always take into account the risk

There are differences in the activity of the hormone dopamine between the introvert personality and the extrovert. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is associated with the search for thrills and new adventures. Hormone dopamine people introverts tend to be less active, therefore the personality of this always be careful and take into account all the risks and possibilities before making a decision.

5. Focus high

Personality introverts rely more on acetylcholine, which is a type of hormone that is associated with the level of focus high. This allows introverts can still have a strong concentration in the long term. In addition, these hormones also influence them to remain feeling calm in a crowded place.

6. Like the rain

The rain creates a sound that is peaceful so that introverts were able to find a calming effect that allows them to escape in their own thoughts for a moment. They are more like the weather when it rains because it makes them can be free from society and social niceties are not necessary.

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