Understanding, Function, And Form Of The Accounting Ledger

the financial report plays a very important for the development of a business. With the financial statements, the financial condition of the company can be seen and monitored in a certain period. From the observation of the financial conditions, this would be able to do the evaluation, the next step is decision making related to the strategic and operational company. The financial statements must be made by the company either small scale or large scale.

one simple financial report which should not be forgotten by a business owner is a great book. A big book is a tool that is used to record the changes that occur on an account that is caused due to the presence of financial transactions. This book contains about the estimates that summarize the influence of the presence of financial transactions to changes in a number of accounts such as assets, liabilities, and capital of the company.

it is important to remember that a large number of estimates big books needed/noted company is different because it depends on the wealth and finance companies, types of activities, the volume of transaction and the desired information of the company.

the Data in the accounting ledger has not been detailed because the account on the ledger sometimes does not reflect the data in detail, such as debt accounts, accounts receivable, and merchandise inventory. To view the account-the account required of other accounts that are grouped in a book or a collection of cards that are called subsidiary ledgers or subsidiary ledger. So then there is the big book of vice the debt, the subsidiary ledgers of accounts receivable, and subsidiary ledgers goods trade.

ledger Functions

ledger Functions

A company should have a great book because its function is very important. The big book serves to sum up all the transaction data already written in the general journal. In addition it was used as a tool to classify financial data, from large numbers to small. So You know there is a difference or not from all the financial data entered. All the data already written in the journal should be recorded or classified again in the ledger to balance the number of accounts that exist in the columns of debit and credit and also as material information when drawing up financial statements. It can be said great books have a function that is crucial in the preparation of the financial statements of the company.

the Form of ledger Accounting

1. The form of T

the Form of T accounting ledger is a large book that is the most simple and shaped like the letter T large. The left will show the discharge side and the right side shows the credit side. The name of the account placed in the top left as well as the account code is placed on the top right.

2. Form Skontro

the Form of control ledger accounting is a big book which is called the form of two columns. Skontro means the temple or divided into two, namely the debit and the credit.

3. Form Staffle-Column Balance a Single

the Form of staff-column balance a single in the big book of accounting in the form of the book used if the necessary explanation of a transaction which is relatively high.

4. Form Staffle-Column Balance Double

the Form of staff-column balance double in the big book of accounting in the form of the book is almost the same with the shape of the balance column single. Only the difference in the book balance column is divided into two columns i.e. column debit column and credit.

That’s a glimpse of an explanation about the meaning, function, and form of the accounting ledger. A great book must be owned by every company to help manage the finances well. If You feel difficulty to make a great book, You can start it from the simplest form, namely the form of T. To make great books easily, You can utilize accounting software Journal. By using a Journal, You not only create great books, but can also make all financial reports with instant. Find info and other features of the Journals here.

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