Understanding, Function, And Purpose Of The Digital Book

the meaning, Function, and Purpose of Digital Books – digital Books, have you ever heard of it.? Well or also called e-book surely you have heard of it because the digital book is often used in learning at school and of course you must be not foreign in listening to the word. In digital books are text, image, video, and sound published in the form of softcopy or digital form that can be read through a computer, Smartphone, Android and others.

With the use of digital books, you will be more easy to study the information that exists in digital books, and books in the digital information provided by the author or maker of the digital books are more Easily understood because it is made as easy as possible to be understood by the user. Therefore the digital book is easy to use.

Understanding of Digital Books

#1. Understanding of Digital Books

which is often also called electronic books, or abbreviated e-book. The Digital book is a digital form of printed books. Printed books in general consist of a set or stack of paper bound together containing both text and images, then electronic books contain digital information that can contain text, images, audio, and video that can be read through android smartphones, Tablets, Laptop, and the Computer.

#2. The Function Of The Digital Book :

As one of the alternative Learning Media – With the use of digital books or e-book you will be easier in using it in learning because it is more easy to carry not like a printed book and more convenient in studying book information of the digital.
As a Medium for Sharing Information – In this digital book you will get more information because the digital book is complete and easy to understand than print books.
Facilitate the learning – In the book digital learning information provided is easy to understand, And when learning you will be more easy to use because it can go through your android smartphone.
Easy to Carry Anywhere – a digital Book is easy to someone because digital books are easy to carry anywhere and are not heavyweight intake it because it can be taken using a smartphone android.

#3. The Purpose Of The Digital Book

Provide an opportunity for content creators to share information with more easily – in a way that is interesting and interactive to make the content in the form of a digital book or e-book and author do not need to go to a publisher to publish his book, Simply visit one of the sites of digital publishers and provide book digital independently.
Protect The Information Submitted – Digital Books differ from printed books or physical that can be tampered with, wet, or missing. Digital books in the form of data from your computer are protected from these issues. Although the data is lost the user can easily find a replacement either from the internet or ask back on the bookmaker.
Facilitate the process of understanding teaching materials – In the Digital Book, the user can provide notes on certain material, search for a word or a particular sentence in the material, multimedia files can be directly played to enrich the content of the book that help understand the teaching materials better and faster.


Thus the article about the meaning, Function, and Purpose of the Digital Books that could add to your insight in the world of technology and as information that can be used as learning materials of the school. If there are words or review can be directly asked in the comments column that has been provided Thank you.

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