Understanding The Millennial Generation According To The Experts Complete

what is the millennial generation? according to experts generation, mineral or generation Y is the generation born after generation X, the millennial generation born between the 1980s to the 2000s. The theory of grouping this generation was coined in 1923 by Karl Mannheim. Millennials, in general, are very familiar with the development of technology is fast-paced. If this year is the year 2018 then the last generation millennial lasts at least 18 years old, which means some time again some position in the company and the government will be filled by millennials. It may be said of the millennial generation will lead the future in the next few years.


The Opinions of Experts

the Author Elwood Carlson in his book The Lucky Few: Between the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boom which was published in 2008, defines the Millennial born between the years 1983-2001 based on a surge in births after 1983 and ending with the political and social changes that occurred after the events of September 11. In 2016, the institution of U. S Pirg defines a Millennial as anyone born between 1983 and 2000

the Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe believe that each generation has common characteristics that will be the character of that generation with the four patterns are repeated. According to the hypothesis they, Millennial will be similar to the G. I. Generation who are more knowledgeable civilian with the empathy that is strong against the local and global communities. Strauss and Howe explained that there are seven characters in Millennial namely: special, protected, confident, insightful group, the conventional, pressure-resistant and the pursuit of achievement. Arthur E. Levine, the author of When Hope and Fear Collide: A Portrait of Today’s College Student refer to this generation as ‘in general’.

to the Fact the Millennial Generation

1. Technology

Generation semilinear life with technology even they will master the technology. Milinealis not interested in things for conventional and traditional they are moving fast keep up with the times. For example, in everyday life, they communicate using mobile phones, the phenomenon of the WEBSITE, as well As Social media a must-have for the millennial generation.

2. Education

In general, the generation of semilinear gets access to education easier and better than the previous generation. Access information fast and easily creates millennials easy to get news and science. Just generation semilinear don’t like to read books and memorize, they prefer to read ebooks and articles on the internet because it is considered practical.

3. Work ethic

the millennial Generation was not a loyalist, they generally want to relaxed work, high salaries, and rapid career, if they don’t get what the desired millennials don’t hesitate to quit and find a new place of work. But don’t get me wrong some companies remain to hold up millennials because it is able to increase the profits of the company and working effectively.

4. Lifestyle

Millennials, not the type who likes saving money, prefer to buy the experience of at the thought of buying a home. Hanging out or vacationing somewhere new is exciting for them. The pattern of life they are more abreast of the times, they are also quite consumptive, especially in buying a gadget.

How to Embrace the Millennial Generation

Because the future is in the hands of the millennial generation isn’t the generation of X must be willing to embrace this generation. However, generation Y is the result of upbringing and parenting of generation X. Embrace and teach generation Y to provide a space for speech and expression. Teach the responsibility and social sensitivity on generation Y, and indeed generation X and Y live in his day respectively, but the baton, the future of the nation and the state should be prepared as well as possible.

understand Each other, complement each other and complement each other is the right expression. Moreover, generation X is already mature and ready to give birth to a new generation, namely generation Z, of the challenge in the future, will be more complex.

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